Open your doors to the healing benefits of holistic wellness by starting with the Wellness Consultation.


Our Wellness Consultant is a clinical social worker and certified holistic wellness practitioner with years of experience in serving diverse groups of people. She uses her expertise to support you in reaching your lifestyle goals.

A consultation session is a deep exploration of your needs which results in a customized wellness plan and recommendations specifically for you.

As a Honey & Chi Member, you gain quarterly consultations to ensure your wellness plan evolves with you and your preferences. As a client who prefers to access Honey & Chi À La Carte, you book your consultations whenever you’re ready to re-calibrate.

"I listen - fully present. Allowing folks to tell me who they are today. Together, we devise then immerse in sustainable healing systems that my clients can use to fortify themselves far beyond our time together."

Vesta Walker, Founder & Lead Wellness Consultant


Vesta Walker, Lead Wellness Consultant

Vesta is the daughter of a long legacy of mental health professionals, herbalists, energy workers, community caretakers and advocates. Beginning her career as a Clinical Social Worker 10 years ago, Vesta has served as a therapist in some of the most challenging settings, supporting adults, adolescents and children in hospitals, schools and homes.


Vesta was raised in a household where her mom was constantly sought-out for herbal remedies by members of the community. Vesta's Rastafarian dad always stressed of the importance of a natural diet to her and her sister. Her grandmother - who lived in the home - was a psychiatric nurse of over 25-years, and kept a regular caseload of individuals and families that she provided with free counseling in her basement work-space. Vesta took these examples to heart, and they watered the seed that grew into Honey & Chi.


After earning her Bachelor of Psychology from St. John's University and a Master of Social Work degree from New York University, Vesta became a Licensed Master Social Worker, Reiki Master, Supreme Science Qigong Instructor and trained in many other healing modalities - guided by the belief that an individual's healing regimen should be as unique as they are.


Over the years, Vesta has been dedicated to partnering with everyone from CEO's to folks without homes, providing quality holistic tools to support them in learning more effective ways to heal and align with their higher selves.


"Thank you so much Vesta for the positive and powerful experience. I appreciate your passion and dedication to teaching clients self-healing. I came to you feeling a bit depressed and I left feeling magnificent. My energy was restored, and I felt a connection to my body and the universe."

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